Dear friends and colleagues,

Cancer has become a curable condition with the current advances in oncology and is no longer the end of the journey. Global research and highly effective cancer management has already added a lot of quality to the life of cancer survivors. The revolutionary success in gamete and gonadal tissue cryopreservation has made it possible to fulfil the dream of becoming genetic parents once a young cancer survivor comes back to one’s regular life.

The time has now arrived to spread awareness among all the practioners of medical disciplines involved in the care and well being of these young patients. There is a need to break the communication barrier between society and medical fraternity.

The academic program has been designed to bring together all stake holders. The conference will provide a platform for gynaecologists, ART specialists, oncologists, surgeons and social groups to interact and to learn about the latest developments in this field.

  • Dr. Umesh N. Jindal

    Organizing Chairperson

  • Dr. Sabhyata Gupta

    President FPS(I)

  • Dr. P. M Gopinath

    President Elect FPS(I)

  • Dr. Padmarekha Jirge

    Secretary FPS(I)

  • Dr. Nalini mahajan

    Founder and Past President